Political Attitude
The Transportation Act of 1920
Railroad Earnings
Taxing and Borrowing Powers
Legal Provisions Relating to Issues
Bonds Issued Below Par
"Caveat Emptor"
Political Character of Debtor
Purpose of Issue
Payment of Principal
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Changes of Expectation in Investors and Speculators
Investment Factors Taxing Power
Restriction on Borrowing Power
Outstanding Debt
Purpose of Issue and Term of Bonds
Market for Bonds
Municipal Statistics
One State Suing Another
State Constitutional Provisions
Indirect Means of Enforcing Payment
Limitations on Borrowing and Taxing Power
Changing the Silver Market
History of State Debts
Nullification of "Carpet Bag" Debts
Investment Factors
Government Debt Repudiation
Taxing Power
Purpose of Borrowing
Public and Private Credit
Development of National Indebtedness
Peace Debts
Channel Lines
Investment Factors
National Debts and International Trade
United States Debt
British National Debt
French National Debt
South American Bonds
Character of Debtor Concern
Security of the Bond
Priority of the Mortgage Lien
Provisions for Repayment
Characteristics of the Stock Exchange Market
Interest Payment
Special Privileges to the Bondholder
Commercial Credit
Long-Term Credit
Forms of Short-Term Credit