What is Money for and what can it be used for

The word money, generalized by the minstrels of the middle ages, derived from the word denarius, that used to be a silver coin that was equal to ten assess that used to be used in the city of Rome in Italy. In the same way, according to certain people, the word coin derives from the Latin verb moneo, which means to warn. A coin, therefore, warns of its value and what can be obtained with it. It is not clear if the historic origin of money was spontaneously created in the transition from the barter to the exchange of coins, or if it was invented under the pressure of the market forces, to stretch the commercial transactions. Before inventing a circulating media, a plain conjunction of interests between a sales person and a buyer was needed, so that the exchange of goods and services, while that after the existence of money the buyer does not necessarily have to have an exchangeable good that is of equal value and interesting for the vendor. With the received money, product of a sale, the vendor could then get the needed good with someone that had such available good on sale. Certainly money was an invention, and it is one of the most extraordinary inventions as a matter a fact. For some historians, in the beginning harmony existed inside of the tribal economies, and was ruled by clear and compensable laws for everyone. Then, with the invention of money chaos came about, the total abstraction of its meaning, private accumulation, exploiting of others and the loss of transparency in the exchange relations. What there is not any doubt about is that we have created the money and reproduce, extend and consecrate its use every single day.