Two Schools for Market Analyzing

In relation to the diverse actors in the stock exchange “game”, two groups can be differentiated. One is the group of investors that have developed deep analysis and have come to a definitive conclusion, and in addition have the means to carry out handlings that would cause there to be movement in the market. This group also has those that have privileged information that has not yet gotten out, because the operation is forged and can cause big movements in the market with the consequential juicy benefits for those carrying out the movement. The other group consist of the common “speculators”, who like the rest, develop an ability to detect the movements they have not brought about, but that allows them to purchase at convenient prices and then sell the stock obtaining in this way a favorable margin. The great mass of operators of the stockbrokers also belong to this group whom due to the nature of their work are able to capture the flow of information by materializing the transactions that cause the movements in the market. In the same way, there are two schools of stock exchange analysis that throughout the history of the stock market, have taken antagonistic positions when it comes to analyzing the market behavior, these include Fundamentalists and Technicists.