The Trap of Spending Accumulating Debts

One of the most difficult jobs a young person has to face when he or she starts working is to be disciplined to not allow himself to become trapped by the temptation of out of control spending and end up spending more than what he makes, or even worse yet, does not save anything. If we choose to live under the established economic rules of society, there is only one alternative: to make interests or pay interests. Debts are the opposite of savings. In the case of debts, it is obligated to pay them, even if we aren’t able to! When you have a saved up amount, this will serve as a system to make interests and grow. The financial and commercial system where we carry out our jobs is designed to facilitate debts through consumption. It will be very frequent to find all types of credit cards that are handed over to a person in their own homes, without an annual charge, and that are absolutely free. Credit cards are like the genie in the bottle and they make us magically enter into the world of “make it happen” allows us to buy that which we would not be able to have otherwise. It is also usual to find ourselves daily with propaganda sounding in our ears, trying to convince us of the problems that can be resolved through a finance company, and be able to withdraw money in 24 hours. In the spots of the propaganda on television you can see images of people receiving money as if it were being given to them for free. Obviously advertising in this case is more in the benefit of who is advertising than who it is advertising to. Besides, the interest rates the financial companies charge are very above those of the banking systems.