The Innovative Employment of Silver

There are many problems that are going on as far as energy is concerned in the world and that most people are well aware of. if there was someone that stood out and offered a solution to the current problem most likely everyone would be willing to at least look into it.

There is currently what is known as a line loss. This problem has to do with that when electricity is generated, the amount of power does not always reach the last user. There is a good amount of energy that is just windswept due to the resistance it faces in the lines by which it is being sent out. The big problem is that sometimes the line loss can be of something around a thirty percent and it is a big amount if you think about it. There has been mention about a solution to this problem and which can decrease line loss almost completely and this innovative technology is called superconductivity.

There is actually a company that has set up the American Superconductor Corporation. The American Superconductor Corporation’s company profile reads, “American Superconductor Corporation is a world leader in developing and manufacturing products utilizing super conducting materials and power electronic devices for electric power applications. American Superconductor’s products and those sold by electrical equipment manufacturers that incorporate its products can dramatically increase the capacity and reliability of power delivery networks, significantly reduce manufacturing costs for electrical equipment such as motors and generators, lower operating costs and conserve resources used to generate electrical power. Founded in 1987, the company is headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts.”

Although it may not seem like it but this aspect and very important one for that, has a lot to do with the silver world. It has been said that the superconductivity technology needs silver in order for the super-conducting transmission line to work. However, it is still not known how much silver would be required for this new technology to function but it has been estimated that approximately around fifty million ounces of silver a year would need to be used.

Due to this there is not indication of an approaching fall in the industrial demand for silver. This would all indicate that there is not going to be any decrease in the demand and all this would indicate that there is more uses for silver that are being worked on right now.