Stock Markets Bulls Bears

eople. The succeeding parts, which about the topic of speculation, establishes a relation into this one, the sense of money and the connotation that riches has in our Jewish – Christian – catholic.  It explains itself very clearly and opportunely the influence of the biblical tradition interpreted by the concept about money and riches. The analysis of this part of this issue brilliantly concludes that his sis not only about accumulating money but in achieving better development and freely as people, and allowing ourselves to share and stimulate those that surround us. We will in addition talk and motivate those that are interested in choosing to obtain higher profitability than those offered by the financial system, to invest in stock, but with a controlled amount of risk, using the Stock Technical Analysis. Despite the fact that there is a great amount of literature, magazines and encyclopedic texts about the stock market, this work gives to the theme from the perspective of a Technical Analysis in a simple language and at the reach of comprehension of all of those interested in this complex area. This site has been directed to the number of spectators of the stock exchange phenomenon that have always analyzed the market with a great amount of interest, but that do not dare to go into it without an objective guide. In a nice way we will expose the basic principles of how the stock market works that will allow you to be understand its anatomy and on the other hand, analyze the different situations that come about when one invests in the stock market, from the point of view of the emotions of the investor that takes a risk. The game of the stock market is a bid of future expectations of the behavior of the companies, and the price of the share is nothing more than a reflection, amongst other factors, of the hoped for value of the companies they represent. Those that cause the movement of the market, the fundamentalists, carry out long term maneuvers. In the meanwhile the price of the stock will have short term cycles, to finally get to coincide with the final price of the longer term cycle. The technical analysis is the art of scanning the movements caused by others in the market, through the following of the evolution of prices of the stocks and their mixed amounts. Both fundamentalists as well as technicians are right.