Stock Market Investing

The stock exchange is more important everyday for the normal functioning of the financial system of a capitalist economy. With this site we intend to contribute with those who know nothing about it in some basic or necessary stock market knowledge on how it works. Similarly, we intend to develop the proper techniques to invest properly in this market.

In the following section we will explain the objectives and the general way stock markets work. Also, we make a review on the stock market’s history and their current situation in the world. Finally, we will detail the main types of existing markets.

Parts are dedicated to underlying values that are hired by the stock markets. The different types of operations that can be done in these markets are developed in the following section.

Later we study the requirements that have to be complied upon by the companies that want to be quoted in the stock market and the mechanism of official contracting. Likewise, the kind of reports issued in the stock market and the kind of indicators used to follow up these markets? evolution will be detailed.