Sectors Balanced for Future Income

The dream of all investors is to recognize the "next big thing" before it has become "the next big thing". It would be wonderful if you had picked up some shares of eBay or Amazon in 1995, wouldn’t it? Back then, no one had any idea that these start-ups would become business behemoths of the future. Questions about viability, debilitating debt, and public acceptance shied many investors away from these investments. However, there were a few speculators with a vision...a vision of e-commerce and the ability to market to the world via the internet. These investors did indeed identify the next big thing and now they are rich.

Stocks are much like fashion with fads that come and go as history shows. Anything and everything related to the internet was worth its weight in gold in the late 1990's. Anything related to security was the hottest ticket in town after the tragedy of 9/11. You remember TASR, don’t you? This stock easily doubled and a few years and many splits later, this stock was a ten bagger a few months after 9/11! Wireless internet, nanotechnology... we could go on and on with the list. Some fads come and go while others establish themselves and become mainstream. So, the question now is, what will be the next stock du jour and will it have any staying power?

As is natural, everybody would be rich if it were easy to identify the hot stocks of the future. Let the truth be told that identifying future trends is very complex, requiring research, insight, and a heavy helping of good fortune. We have identified five sectors that are poised for explosive future growth in our opinion. Within each of these sectors we have identified microcap stocks that may possibly harvest huge benefits if these sectors of the financial system do take off as predicted.