Restriction of Resources and Technology

Restriction of Resources:  The most obvious restrictions for human happiness are the physical limitations of nature. Not are there limits of amounts of petroleum, water etc, but also with radio frequency of which signals are sent and the times of sun light to make the vehicles that use solar energy work. There is simply not a sufficient amount of most of the natural resources so that every one has what they want.

The limited offer of natural resources is assigned in many different ways. In some cases, such as in the case of some species that are on their way to extinction, there are laws that guarantee that nobody can use any amount of these resources. In the case of the electromagnetic spectrum, the governments assign it to the radio stations o to the operators of mobile telephones. In most cases, private property and the prices control the assignation of natural resources.

Under this system, the use of resources goes to the best bet. Although this system can discriminate the poor because they do not have much to offer, it assures that the limited offer of the resource goes at least to people that give it high value, in other words, those that have chosen it to achieve greater happiness.

Restrictions of Technology: At the time being, there is not more solar light, petroleum, wood than there was 1000 years ago, however you and your family enjoy of a higher standard of life than your ancestors did. You are able to enjoy of this comfortable life thanks to the technological advances to turn primary resources into things that we like to use.

In only the last two hundred years, we have been able to discover how to immunize children against mortal diseases, how to use electricity to provide light and mechanical force, how to build rockets that are capable of taking man to the moon and how to dramatically increase the agricultural outcome so that we can feed more people. In only the last twenty years, the Internet and cheap mobile phones have revolutionized everything, from the fact that it is a way the world can communicate with each other and is also a form of entertainment.

With the improvements of technology through time, people are capable of producing more with the limited offer of resources in our planet. As technology progresses we have more and better alternatives out of which to choose from.

Nonetheless given that fact that technology progresses slowly, in a given moment our choice is limited by the development level that technology is in that moment. This way, it is natural to think of technology as a restriction that limits choices. Fortunately though, technology progresses with time, and this means that if we wait a little we will have more and better alternatives out of which to choose from.