One for the Road

We wanted to end this article with some information about a good old fashioned penny stock. While we do have the majority of our investments in NASDAQ and AMEX microcaps, we still like to look for great OTCBB penny stock prospects. Admittedly, these stocks are much harder to find than they were in the late 1990's, but there is no doubt that there are some potentially explosive penny stocks out there.

One penny stock that may possibly be on the brink of a breakout is Reliant Home Warranty Corporation (OTCBB: RHWC). For those of you with a good memory, we did, as a matter of fact mention this stock back in section 6. RHWC is a true penny stock in every sense of the word, currently trading at prices very close to a dime. RHWC trades on the OTCBB as most penny stocks do. So, you probably ask yourself why we like this OTCBB penny stock. How do projected revenues approaching $1 billion and profitable operations grab you?

RHWC is a Toronto, Canada based Corporation that originates, underwrites funds, securitizes, and services sub-prime mortgages in select markets across Canada. Alright, we know what you must be thinking...  "A Canadian mortgage stock? We heard that the housing market was going to take a dive! What are these people talking about?" Just give us a few minutes and we are positive that you will like what you see.