Leasing On Silver?

The following is one aspect that can be looked into, as it is another side to the silver market however; it is necessary to question a stipulation about different opinions some people have. Some of the things mentioned by some people are somewhat slanderous. The different views that are shared on the silver market are for each individual to analyze and look into and finally choose.

A few years ago everyone was paying attention to the silver lease rates. This obviously made sense, as a few years ago the 30-day lease rate went up from 0.5% to a surprising amount of 30%. Unbelievably enough that figure works out to a sixty fold augmentation, or an astonishing six thousand percent more. How crazy is that? As has been explained in the past, that very excessive movement, which has never been seen in any other type of loan (that is unless you are talking about precious metals), should be a warning sign that there is something very erroneous in the rate changes that occurred during that time. Silver lease rates set out from being the lowest interest rates in the world, up to the highest, from one moment to the next. Due to this factor it is something that people need to be informed about when it comes to silver leasing and as some people have pointed out is manipulative and fraudulent as well as something only an unintelligent person would get involved into. However, keep in mind that in the midst of all stuff that leasing might be to you and me, silver investors are hard and heavy after it and absolutely love it. Not to forget to mention that leasing is perhaps the most important feature when it comes to the silver market and any investor in silver will definitely know about trying to make it all look and be put in the right context.

There are several different things that an analyst would look into when it comes to analyzing the silver market. Silver Lease Land is in disorder in the opinion of some. And there are those that have are insistent that the COTs and silver leasing are two separate and different things.  If you look at it realistically one thing is in paper and the other one is actually physical. As soon as things are settled down in leasing, the COTs take the control. However whenever leasing begins to take control, it is important to be aware and with open eyes because the physical is always going to bring down the paper.

There are many different articles that can be found about silver and gold for this matter in sites or the Internet. However, you will be surprised to know that there are many different opinions on the silver leasing market and there are people that praise it while others believe it is fraud and manipulative. Ted Butler who has been a leader in this field and who has written many articles on the internet about silver leasing has spent a good many years doing a lot of research and analyzing as to why the shortage in silver did not result in making the prices go up higher than they were, since it would need to in this case. However, he did point out that he himself was not completely sure about the basics of silver leasing as most people that are in the financial business. Based on this point, it is obvious to us that this is not a very simple matter to look into and study.