How to Speed up Capital Profit

To accelerate capital profit there are two roads one can choose and are associated to the risk we are willing to take on: one has to do with developing an own project or putting the capital in variable income in the stock market; but managed on your own, instead of delegating its administration placing it in bond funds. The road to taking on one’s own project is a difficult one to accomplish. Many times, even though the economical technique has been evaluated in conservative terms, not knowing about the operative loopholes of the project in particular and of the commercialization of the product, encloses in itself the real risk that attempts against the success of the project. The “green field” projects that move forward are done by institutions that are in a good financial situation. The small private companies that have their success in their project deserve all types of praise, because they will have overcome a lot of obstacles before triumphing. The other road is to place the capital in stock, which can bring about profit that is much higher than the financial system, but there should be controlled risk. The profit of capital invested in shares, in the long run will always be better than the profit of a financial system, unless the company where one has invested in is going bankrupt. This system for accelerating the profit of capital is recommended for people that desire to do so “professionally”, in other words, that they are forming capital and have availability of time to watch their effort, and be able to guide profit by using the tools of the Stock Technical Analysis. According the experience developed in the application of Stock Technical Analysis, it is perfectly possible to obtain a real monthly profit of three percent.