Financial planners and stock brokers

nancial advisor assesses the financial situation and then elaborates a financial investment plan. Stockbrokers provide suggestions on individual stocks and allocate trade orders for the investor.

Financial planners
The financial planner is someone who has paid a $150 fee and in some states is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Virtually, anyone that pays $150 fee and registers at SEC can work as a financial advisor (some states also require be them registered). Therefore you should research before hiring a financial planner or advisor and then carefully evaluate his advice. Ask for his credentials as financial planner.

To negotiate stocks you have to have access to the market, and this is achieved through a brokerage firm. The selection of a stockbroker is a private decision. You may choose among three kinds of brokers:

The amount and service level among these basic type of brokers differ as well as compensation methods. The following information will help you choose the type of broker you need.