Bulls and Bears

Under the emblem of stock and the signal of speculation, the bull and bear confront each other, each one of these trying to achieve a triumphant victory. In front of the opponent bear, the bull rises, and has tremendous strength and lashes out against anything that crosses its path and in a thrust, lifts it upwards. In the clash of the fight, the bull tires to tumble the bear, who on his end, waits for the moment to grab the bull with his potent claws in order to strangle him. This is how they symbolize the cycles of increase and fall in the stock markets. In all the stock markets of the world of bulls and bears defy each other and sometimes fight with savage methods. The results of this fight not only depends no the constancy of the adversaries, nor of their strength. There are also other types of powers of the strategic, tactic, dominating, and human emotions, that come included into the fight at the end of the final victory. In these stock combats, we have even come up with adjectives such as bullish to describe a raising market, and bearish to describe markets that are in decline. The use of these terms does not only occur in New York or London, but in the entire world. Nobody outside of the stock market world would understand who this gibberish is being spoken to, but everybody, without a doubt, would understand that a bullish tendency is a tranquilizing symptom.