About Murphy's Law

Most likely it has happened to you that you were in your library trying to find your favorite book in a hurry and you start to look at book after book starting on one end of the book shelf. For example, if you start from left to right, and as you are advancing looking through the books, your book does not show up anywhere. At some point you will ask your self if you lost the book and would probably be able to swear you left it in there. At this point, you have probably almost reached the other end of the book shelf when you are almost at the end of the books shelf and the book still has not shown up, when oops, all of a sudden, there it is, it was the last book! Next time when you need a book or something you will remember what happened before and think that this will not occur again. Looking at the book shelf, you look at it with your eyes half closed and in your head calculate to as to divide it into two. This time you started checking from the middle to left, but the book that you were looking for was not in this half. Like you still have the other half left to check, you do not know if you should start your search from the center to the left or the other way around. So to resolve it, you take out a coin and decide to leave it up to luck: if it heads, you will start from the left, if its tails, you will start from the middle. And even then, checking book after book, now thinking that somebody has surely taken it since you cannot find it. Finally you get to the last book, and there it is again, you found it. That is what

Murphy’s Law

is all about. It is the law of exception. The cutest proof of this inexorable law can be seen in that situation that happens when you see a person standing over a rug and eating a sandwich that has a lot of mayonnaise in it. In case something occurred and the bread slipped out of his hands, Murphy’s Law says the probability of that the bread will fall face down will be directly in proportion to the price of the rug. Obviously, if the individual that is standing over an ordinary rug, certainly the bread will fall face up and will not stain the rug. But if the person is standing over a Persian rug he will inexorably find himself dropping the bread and see the mayonnaise fall right onto the fine fabric of the rug.