About Market Speculators

All of us have heard at some point or another that it was necessary to be very careful about the stock market because such and such a person had lost his reputation by speculating on it. And this is effectively the way it is for speculators. Without an objective reason, our culture gives the term “speculator” a bad connotation. And so much so, that in the definition of some dictionaries it refers to speculation as the action of carrying out commercial operations or financial with the hope of obtaining benefits, based on the variations of the prices and points out that it is frequently used in a pejorative way. Obviously there is an ethic to speculate. The verb speculate, etymologically comes from the Latin word Speculari, which is derived from speculum or mirror and specter or to look, which means the image reflected in a mirror. If you combine both acceptation’s, the literal and etymological sense of the word, it could lead one to believe that the action of speculating is like leaning into the world of virtual reality that is reflected in a mirror to look for future information that will allow us to make the decisions in our present real world in order to emulate the projected image. There are many famous people that were speculators throughout history. The first known of speculator can be found in the bible, Joseph of Egypt, who did his job at speculating risky truths. This very skillful financial counselor, told the pharaoh about the consequences that were to occur when the pharaoh dreamed about the seven fat cows and the seven thin cows. During the seven years in which there was an abundance of food, it was decided they would store the exceeding amount of the harvests, and in this way accumulate great quantities of cereal, that during the time of famine, was put back into the market and people did not starve. However, not everybody that is related with the stock market can be considered a speculator. In the world there must thousands of stock exchange agents, investment counselors, portfolio administrators, employees of the different stock exchanges that announce the results and millions of people that have turned the stock market game into a profession.