A website about Economy

In this site we offer information on the most important economic theories, hypothesis and discoveries without vague details, outdated tests of complicated mathematics. The topics that will be mentioned involve the following:

  • How the simple model of supply and demand can explain the prices of everything, from purchasing groceries to having a major surgery in a clinic.
  • How the government fights recession and unemployment by using the monetary policy and fiscal policy.
  • Why government policies, such as control of prices and subsidies, generally cause more harm then good.
  • How and why international commerce is good for us.
  • How central banks control the monetary offer, the interest rate and inflation all at the same time.
  • Why the rights of badly designed properties are responsible of a lot of environmental problems such as global warming, contamination and the extinction of certain species.
  • Why competitive companies are better for society than monopolies.
  • How the benefits guide businesses so they produce goods and services that we don’t even know exist.

There are a number of points that we will try to explain in a clear and direct way and we hope that it will be simple to understand. As we are all aware of, economists these days are highly competitive and this in turns causes there to be a great amount of opinions and rivalries. These debates and careful revision of every aspect is what helps us to be able to better understand how the monetary world works.

This site provides information on the basic concepts that economists consider true and important. Economists however, are very open about their opinions about how to present central concepts so certain decisions have had to be made about the organization and structure. Surely there will be disagreements about some of the things mentioned but as we said before this is what helps us to obtain a better grip on the whole picture.

The idea of this site is to give you quick access to the fundamentals so that you do not have to go through a bunch of history, anecdotes etc. on the other hand there are occasions in which history and anecdotes are key to understanding certain things and can make things more entertaining.